Broiler Pan Feeding System


broiler pan feeding system
broiler pan feeding system
broiler pan feeding system
broiler pan feeding system
broiler pan feeding system

Product: Automatic Broiler Pan Feeding System

Application: Broilers (one day old to 42 days old)

Specification: Customized according to customer’s breeding scale or chicken house size (Length*Width).

Composition: Automatic feeding auger line, vice automatic feeding line, automatic drinking line, ventilation system, heating system.

Raw Material: PP Plastic

Lifespan: 15-20 Years

Certificates: ISO 9001, SONCAP, CE.

Product Overview

The innovative Automatic Broiler Pan Feeding System provides a natural and cost-effective environment for broiler chickens. This ground-based system integrates feeding and drinking components and ensures a steady supply of feed and clean water. It features a concrete floor with bedding materials for comfort and efficient waste management, reducing odor and promoting sustainability by converting waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Proper monitoring and maintenance, including ventilation and moisture control, are essential for its success. Overall, this system offers a holistic and efficient solution for broiler chicken production, emphasizing sustainability and profitability


Equipment PartsAutomatic Broiler Pan Feeding System
Feed SiloMaterial: hot dip galvanized
Sheet thickness: 1.00mm
Capacity: recommended feed amount for 2-3 days.
Main Feeding LineThe capability of conveying food: 1400KG/h
Material: High-carbon manganese steel
Sensor imported from Germany
Pan Feeding LineHot galvanized pipe contains the auger, which can transfer the feed from the vice feed hopper to the end of the house.
Broiler automatic feeder pan capacity: 30-35 broilers/per feed pan
Drinking LineWater pipe with drinking nipples.
Nipple capacity: 8-10 broilers/per nipple.
pan feeding system
pan feeding system

Layout Explanation: (Unit: mm)

1. Chicken Shed Size: 100000mm x 15000mm x 2500mm.

2. Configuration: 4 feed lines, 5 water lines.

3. Rearing Capacity: 15 birds/m².

Layout of Pan Feeding System

layout of pan feeding system

Main layout

1. Soil

2. PVC tube

3. Feed line

4. Drop tube

5. Drive motor

pan feeding system

Details of Pan Feeding System

Water Line
Water Line
feed line
feed line

1. Feed Line


A: Vice Hopper

Capacity: 90-120KG

Material: Hot dip galvanized sheet

Thickness: 1.00mm

feed sensor

C: Feed Sensor

Imported from German

driving motor

B: Driving Motor

Voltage: 380V 50hz 3 phases

Rated power: 0.75-1.1KW

Taiwan brand

feeding pan

D: Feeding Pan

Capacity: 30-35 broilers / per broiler feeder pan.

2. Water Line

pressure regulator

A: Pressure Regulator

Flexiable to adjust and a long lifespan


B: Water Pipe and Nipple Drinker

The water connection is sealed to prevent contamination. The drinking nipple is highly sensitive and rotates 360 degrees.

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Comparison with Broiler Cage System

1. Hygiene and Disease Control

pan feeding system

Battery cages minimize infection risks by preventing direct contact with feces, but cleaning challenges can impact air quality. Broiler pan feeding systems maintain cleaner conditions, reducing disease outbreaks.

2. Chicken Welfare

pan feeding system

Battery cages limit space and welfare, which may cause aggression. Broiler pan feeding systems provide more space, enhancing chicken well-being.

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