Chicken Farm Solutions Service

LIVI Machinery offers one-on-one poultry chicken farm solutions to clients around the world: Based on the client's land size/chicken house size(length*width*height)/chicken-raising quantity, we provide clients with free planning proposals for poultry farms and chicken house construction plans. To help all of our customers create the most suitable poultry chicken farms and maximize their farm benefits.

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24 Online Chatting Service

As a professional supplier and manufacturer of poultry farming equipment, LIVI Machinery has arranged a 24-hour online service to be readily available for our clients. This service caters to clients who are about to start poultry farming, those with prior farming experience looking to expand, as well as those who have previously purchased equipment from us. We offer dedicated online support to answer client inquiries and resolve issues. This service is especially helpful in addressing challenges arising from differing time zones and difficulties in contacting suppliers.

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We are always on call: to provide customers with professional poultry farming equipment, high-quality and low-price chicken cage systems and other products, "customer-oriented", to provide customers with a full range of high-quality services "service core" tailor-made for customers the most Valuable products "Focus on quality, serve customers in all directions!

Customer Farm Visitation Services

We provide factory and poultry farm visitation services. If required, you can visit our factory in China or poultry farms where our equipment is in use. We schedule 2-4 customer poultry farm revisits or farm surveys annually, primarily aimed at evaluating the utilization of our poultry equipment or conducting on-site measurements for upcoming farm projects. Additionally, we can facilitate visits to farms of our customers in your country, enabling on-site equipment inspections.

Installation and Maintenance Service

We provide installation services after customers purchase poultry equipment:
Customer self-installation: we provide installation guide for customers for free.
Need us to install: We can send engineers to the customer's farm for installation, or arrange a local cooperative installation team for installation services.
In addition to installation, we will also give your workers more guidance on equipment use and maintenance. As for the cycle, you can do it at any time, and our suggestion is once a week.


Rest assured, our products hold ISO 9001, CE, SONCAP, and POVC certifications, reflecting our commitment to delivering quality, safety, and compliance in every aspect.


    After-Sales Service:

    We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service:

    Upgraded Shipping Packaging:

    To ensure the safe delivery of goods, we have upgraded our packaging at no additional cost, effectively preventing product damage during transit.

    Additional Supply of Vulnerable Parts:

    For poultry farming equipment like drinking nipples in cage systems, we provide extra spare parts to prevent loss or damage during installation, thereby avoiding additional ordering costs.

    Prompt Delivery Arrangement:

    Upon receiving the final payment, we promptly arrange for shipment, with goods usually arriving within 30-40 working days.

    Quality Assurance:

    We offer a 2-year after-sales service for all chicken cages and a 1-year after-sales service for automated equipment.


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