H-Type Layer Battery Cage System

H-type automatic layer cage
H-type automatic layer cage
H-type automatic layer cage

Product: H-Type Automatic Layer Cage

Application: Laying Hens

Anti-corrosion Treatment Process: Hot-dip Galvanized

Tiers: 3-6 Tiers

Capacity: 108-288 Birds/Set

Raw Material: International Q235 Bridge Steel

Lifespan: 15-20 Years

Certificates: ISO 9001, SONCAP, CE.

Product Overview

The H-type chicken cage system is a highly advanced solution in the poultry farming industry, especially for enclosed chicken houses. It maximizes space utilization, making it perfect for large-scale operations like the layer cage system, which can house up to 30,000 laying hens. This system not only efficiently uses space, but also takes into account the biological and behavioral needs of the poultry. The H-type cage system is the symbol of automation, signifying the industry’s move towards comprehensive and intensive poultry farming practices to ensure efficiency and sustainability.


Brief Details
MaterialInternational Q235 steel.
Anti-corrosion Treatment ProcessHot-dip Galvanized, Aluminum-Zinc Alloy
Lifespan15 – 20 Years
CertificateISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, SONCAP, PVOC
Production Lead TimeDepending on the order quantity. Normally about 10 days for 20ft container, 15 days for a 40ft container.
Supply Ability10000 Set/Month
Packing MethodNormal export packing. 20ft / 40ft container.
Payment MethodT/T, L/C at sight
Trading MethodEXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
H-type Layer Chicken Battery Cage Specification
TypeDoor/TierBirds Qty/DoorBirds Qty/SetSpecification
H-type3-tier 2-door91081200mm*625mm*480mm
4-tier 2-door91441200mm*625mm*480mm
5-tier 2-door91801200mm*625mm*480mm
6-tier 2-door92161200mm*625mm*480mm
3-tier 4-door61441800mm*600mm*430mm
4-tier 4-door61921800mm*600mm*430mm
5-tier 4-door62401800mm*600mm*430mm
6-tier 4-door62881800mm*600mm*430mm
chicken farm layout
chicken farm layout

Layout Explanation: (Unit: mm)

1. H-Type 4-Tier 2-Door Layer Cage: Dimensions 1200mm x 600mm x 430mm, Quantity 128 pcs.

2. Chicken Shed Size: 10400mm x 12000mm x 4000mm.

3. Configuration: 4 rows per shed, 79 sets of chicken cages per row.

4. Total Capacity: 316 sets, housing a total of 40,448 layers.

Why Choose Livi Layer Chicken Cage System

1. Remarkable Details of H-type Layer Cage

Ⅰ. Ingenious Cage Mesh Design

cage mesh

1. Durable Galvanized Coating: Our cage mesh boasts a lasting hot-dip galvanized finish, resisting corrosion for up to 15-20 years.

2. Premium Steel Build: Crafted from Q235 steel, both frame and mesh minimize egg breakage to an impressive rate of under 0.2%.

3. Poultry-Friendly Surface: A smooth texture prevents injuries and infections, ensuring your birds’ comfort and health.

4. Sturdy Structure: Designed for resilience, our cage mesh maintains its shape, providing a secure space for your flock.

Ⅱ. Durable Water Line Innovation

drinking system

1. Durable Build: With 2mm thickness, our pipes are sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight for easy maintenance, ensuring long-lasting use.

2. Healthy Material: Made of PVC, our white pipes ensure safe drinking water for your chickens without any additives.

3. Leakage Prevention: Equipped with quality cups, valves, and nipples, our system prevents water leakage, ensuring efficient water distribution.

Ⅲ. Durable Trough

feeding system

1. Durable PVC Material: Crafted from strong PVC, our troughs endure with a melting point of 80-85°C and tensile strength of around 60MPa.

2. Robust Build: Withstanding up to 200kg, our troughs resist corrosion, impacts, and aging, ensuring longevity.

3. Efficient Feeding: Enlarged openings and groove design prevent feed spillage, reducing waste and enhancing farming efficiency.

4. Smooth Surface: Our troughs sport a smooth surface, adding to their ease of cleaning and maintaining high levels of hygiene.

Ⅳ. Exquisite Cage Structure

cage structure

1. Sturdy U-Channel Frame: Our robust U-channel steel frame provides reliable support for the chicken battery cages.

2. Optimal Bottom Slope: The well-designed slope of the bottom mesh minimizes the risk of broken eggs, ensuring healthier egg production.

3. Efficient Manure Removal: Each floor features an automatic manure removal belt, preventing manure from falling onto lower poultry layers and maintaining a cleaner environment.

2. Automatic Rearing Systems

Automatic Egg Collecting System

egg collecting system

• High-quality egg belt: strong, durable, good resistance to acid and alkali, water, and bacteria. Reduce egg broken rate and keep eggs clean.

• Soft egg filter: filter soft eggs, making sure you get clean and qualified eggs at the end.

• L-type egg catcher: Avoid eggs piling up and falling off, reducing the rate of egg breakage.

• Egg collection guide: eggs are uniformly distributed on the elevator egg collection device, reducing egg collisions, and improving efficiency.

• Brush: clean the dirt on the belt.

• Eggs are transported to the egg collection room by egg-picking belts, ensuring less human contamination and damage.

Automatic Feeding System

automatic feeding system

• Smart Silo with Weighing: Our system’s silo includes a weighing device for accurate feed consumption recording and precise adjustments.

• Uniform Feed Distribution: A feed uniformity device ensures even feeding, reducing mortality and promoting consistent chicken weight.

• Feed Savings: The system’s feed returning mechanism minimizes wastage, optimizing feed utilization.

• Clean Feed Handling: Our closed-type feed hopper maintains feed cleanliness, supporting poultry health and growth.

Automatic Drinking System

automatic drinking system

• Constant Water Availability: Our system ensures 24/7 access to fresh water through a 360-degree nipple drinking system, preventing water shortages and ensuring optimal hydration for chickens.

• Smart Water Management: With automated features like auto water supply, water shortage alarms, auto pipe cleaning, and auto medication, our system maintains a consistent and clean water supply, reducing the risk of disease transmission within the flock.

• Enhanced Poultry Health: The provision of clean and stable water minimizes the chances of disease transmission among the poultry, promoting overall flock health and well-being.

Automatic Manure Removing System

automatic manure removings system

• Healthier Environment: Timely manure removal reduces ammonia gas, lowering respiratory diseases and mortality.

• Thorough Cleaning: Triple cleaning ensures a clean, odor-free manure belt.

• Odor and Fly Control: Horizontal and slanting belts prevent bad odors and flies.

• Reduced Disease Risk: Increased spacing between layers minimizes disease transmission and mortality.

Automatic Environment Control System

automatic environment control system

• Optimal Temperature Control: With exhaust fans, cooling pads, and air-inlet windows, the system maintains a temperature range (13°C – 26°C), ideal for improved feed conversion and egg production.

• Temperature Impact: Proper temperature (around 22°C) enhances chicken health and productivity. High temperatures (above 26°C) cause stress and mortality. Above 43°C can be fatal.

• Fresh Air Circulation: Exhaust fans and air-inlet windows ensure fresh air circulation, expelling harmful gases like ammonia and preventing respiratory diseases.

• Deflector for Comfort: Deflectors guide cool air, preventing chickens from catching cold, thus promoting overall poultry well-being.

3. Our Service

our service

1. Get a Free Quote – Design Within 24 Hours
Our professional design team is ready to provide you with design solutions within 24 hours.

2. 15-45 Days Production
Our chicken cages are manufactured in just 15 to 45 days.

3. 60-Day Installation
Our engineers handle everything from construction and installation to site testing and instructions.

4. 365-Day First-Class Service
We’re here to assist you with technical inquiries, farming advice, and emergencies throughout the year.

Comparison with H-type Layer cage

comparison with H-type

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