A-Type Pullet Battery Cage System

A-type pullet cage system
A-type pullet cage system
A-type pullet cage system
A-type pullet cage system
A-type pullet cage system

Product: A-Type Automatic Pullet Cage

Application: Pullet Chickens

Anti-corrosion Treatment Process: Hot-dip Galvanized

Tiers: 3-4 Tiers

Capacity: 144-216 Birds/Set

Raw Material: International Q235 Bridge Steel

Lifespan: 15-20 Years

Certificates: ISO 9001, SONCAP, CE.

Product Overview

The A-type pullet cage is a budget-friendly choice for chicken farms with up to 25,000 birds, offering savings compared to H-type cages. With manual waste removal and flexible feeding options, it keeps costs low. Similarly, the pullet cage is a must for raising chicks from day 0 to 7 weeks, improving space use, survival rates, and feeding efficiency during this important time. Our pullet cages ensure healthy chick growth and fewer losses, especially crucial at this stage. The A-type baby chick cage’s ladder-style design suits small to medium-sized farms, making chick-raising easier for better growth.


Brief Details
MaterialInternational Q235 steel.
Anti-corrosion Treatment ProcessHot-dip Galvanized, Aluminum-Zinc Alloy
Lifespan15 – 20 Years
CertificateISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, SONCAP, PVOC
Production Lead TimeDepending on the order quantity. Normally about 10 days for 20ft container, 15 days for a 40ft container.
Supply Ability10000 Set/Month
Packing MethodNormal export packing. 20ft / 40ft container.
Payment MethodT/T, L/C at sight
Trading MethodEXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
A-type Pullet Chicken Battery Cage Specification
TypeWeightModelBirds Qty/DoorBirds Qty/UnitSpecification
A-Type54KG3-Tier 3-Door8-12 pcs144-216 pcs1950mm*500mm*350mm
72KG4-Tier 3-Door8-12 pcs192-288 pcs1950mm*500mm*350mm

A-type pullet cage
A-type pullet cage

Layout Explanation: (Unit: mm)

1. A-Type 4-Tier 3-Door Pullet Cage: Dimensions 1950mm x 500mm x 350mm, Quantity 240 pcs.

2. Chicken Shed Size: 60000mm x 12000mm x 3500mm.

3. Configuration: 3 rows per shed, 28 sets of chicken cages per row.

4. Total Capacity: 84 sets, housing a total of 20,160 layers.

Why Choose Livi Pullet Chicken Cage System

1. Practical Accessories Pullet Chicken Cage

bottom net

Bottom Net

The pullet cage’s bottom net is made of imported PP material, allowing chicks to stand comfortably and reducing leg problems.

drinking pipe

Drinking Pipes

Chick brooding cages can have drinking pipes and nipple drinkers to meet the needs of chicks at different ages. The drinking system can be adjusted to the height of the chicks throughout the rearing process.

feeding and drinking fountain

Feeding and Drinking Fountain

Chicks under one week old are provided with individual feeding and drinking stations in each compartment of the pullet cage to promote optimal consumption of food and water.

2. Automatic Systems of A-type Pullet Cage

Automatic Drinking System

drinking system

The automatic drinking system comprises of a water pipe, water nipples, water nipple cups, and a water pressure valve. This arrangement ensures that the water pressure is uniform throughout the system. The pressure regulator, which is equipped with the baby chick cage, can adjust the water pressure to a specified level, and the water supply of each nipple drinker is evenly distributed to guarantee sufficient water supply for the chicks.

Automatic Feeding System

feeding system

The automatic feeding system includes three options: gantry feeding system, ladder feeding system, and feeding trolley. The system is equipped with a PVC feeding trough and feeding bucket to accommodate chick feeding at different growth stages.

Automatic Manure Removing System

automatic manure removing system

The automatic manure removal system has two options: scraper or belt. It ensures a clean shed with less mortality and ammonia.

3. Our Service

our service

1. Get a Free Quote – Design Within 24 Hours
Our professional design team is ready to provide you with design solutions within 24 hours.

2. 15-45 Days Production
Our chicken cages are manufactured in just 15 to 45 days.

3. 60-Day Installation
Our engineers handle everything from construction and installation to site testing and instructions.

4. 365-Day First-Class Service
We’re here to assist you with technical inquiries, farming advice, and emergencies throughout the year.

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