Advantages of cage systems in Kenya


Kenya’s animal husbandry has always been one of the country’s important economic pillars. In response to growing demand, farmers are increasingly adopting modern farming methods. This article will focus on Kenya’s cage system and highlight the five major advantages it brings to chicken farms.

cage systems in Kenya
cage systems in Kenya

Advantages of Kenya’s cage system

  1. Increase production
    The cage system is an efficient chicken house management tool that maximizes the production efficiency of chickens. The breeding volume has increased by 1.7 times. The multi-layer structure allows chickens to live in vertical stacks, making full use of vertical space. There are different options of 3 layers, 4 layers, and 6 layers. Choose the equipment reasonably according to the scale of breeding to further improve the overall yield and egg quality.
  1. Provide a comfortable living environment
    Compared with the traditional chicken farming method, the cage system can provide a more comfortable living environment. Modern breeding equipment provides a fully automatic feeding system, drinking water system, feces cleaning system and egg collection system. Each cage provides enough resting and foraging space for chickens. In addition, Ruitai’s unique environmental control system can also maintain the appropriate temperature, humidity and ventilation in the chicken house, providing a healthy living environment for chickens.
  1. Easy management and cleaning
    The design of the cage system makes the management and cleaning of the chicken house more convenient. The cage structure makes it easier to observe and check the health of each chicken. At the same time, the internal structure of the chicken house makes cleaning easier, reducing the accumulation of feces and the spread of diseases in traditional breeding methods.
  1. Save space and resources
    The multi-layer structure of the layer cage system greatly saves the space required for the chicken house. Compared with traditional ground farming, this system can greatly increase the stocking density of chickens. We have A-type and H-type chicken cage designs, which can raise more chickens in the same chicken house area. In addition, feed and water can be used more efficiently, saving breeding costs.
  1. Reduce the risk of disease transmission
    The layer cage system reduces the risk of chickens being exposed to pathogens and parasites. The chickens are in separate cages, and each unit cage can accommodate 3-4 chickens, which greatly reduces direct contact between chickens. In addition, clean chicken houses and strict implementation of disinfection measures can effectively reduce the risk of disease transmission and improve the overall health of the flock.

Cage systems play an important role in Kenya’s farming industry. This farming system brings considerable advantages to farmers, which can increase production, provide a comfortable living environment, improve the convenience of management and cleaning, save space and resources, and reduce the risk of disease transmission.

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